blue jay

I started writing and recording ambient music long before I knew what it was and long before I received any musical training. I thought of the pieces as soundtracks, the backdrop upon which a scene unfolds, an emotional resonance not weighed down by concept or structure. This musical form has always felt intuitive, free from constraint, and, in some way, spiritual to me. I call this project blue jay because that's the name that always appears when I wonder what to call this abstract endeavor, because sound always seems to have a color, because jay is a name that runs through my family, and because I hope to reincarnate as a bird. 



Ambient drones produced by time-stretching and arranging short piano compositions. May facilitate deep realization of self that makes it difficult to maintain normalcy. Released August 2017. 


Ethereal compositions resulting from digital manipulation of sampled Mellotron flutes. Released January 2018.


early works

Previously unreleased ambient works from the 90s and early 2000s. Coming soon.