Curriculum Vitae

Academic Appointments

Writing Center Director and Associate Professor of Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication

2008-present at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA

  • Administrative: supervise 30-40 employees (faculty, graduate students, staff, and undergraduates) of the University Writing Center; develop and facilitate vision and strategic plan; create partnerships across campus; completed year-long Impact3 Executive Leadership Training (2014-2015)

  • Courses: travel writing, writing and illustrating literature, first-year composition, popular writing, contemplative writing, writing for nonprofits, great works, tutoring writing, technical and scientific communication, writing and photography

  • Writing Consultations: undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty in all academic disciplines

Assistant Professor of Writing and Online Writing Consultant

2004-2008 at the University of Maryland University College in Adelphi, MD

  • Courses: first-year composition, professional editing, creative writing, grammar, business writing, technical writing, graduate writing fundamentals, descriptive grammar

  • Tutoring: undergraduate and graduate, all disciplines in asynchronous online sessions

  • 2004-2008 Adjunct; 2008 full-time instructional faculty

Adjunct Writing Instructor and Writing Tutor

2002-2008 at various institutions in Maryland, North Carolina, DC, and West Virginia

  • Courses: first-year composition, writing about literature, creative nonfiction workshop, fiction workshop, developmental writing, introduction to literature, interpersonal communication

  • Institutions: George Mason University (VA), Columbia Union College (MD), Mount Olive College (NC), Durham Technical Community College (NC), American Public University (WV), (DC), Pitt Community College (NC), Stevenson University (MD)

Professional Writing and Editing Work

Copy Editor

2005-2006 at Remodeling Magazine in Washington, DC

  • prepared pages for publication for three magazines owned by media company Hanley Wood, LLC: Remodeling, Luxury Remodeling, and Replacement Contractor

  • edited all feature stories, columns, and sections for grammar, style, and content

  • assisted in layout and copyflow; signed off for final page proofs

Assistant Editor and Feature Writer

1999 at The Gazette Newspapers in Landover, MD

  • covered local politics, crime, and events as a reporter

  • wrote and edited music, art, and feature stories for regional Lifestyles section

Managing Editor

1998 at The Prince George’s Sentinel Newspaper in Seabrook, MD

  • supervised editorial department, assigned stories, wrote features, edited copy, researched story ideas, created page layouts

  • supervised hiring process


1998 at The Montgomery County Sentinel Newspaper in Gaithersburg, MD

  • covered several beats within the region for politics, crime, and community stories

  • assigned and found stories as music editor


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PhD/ Rhetoric and Composition In progress                 

Old Dominion University Norfolk, VA

MFA/Creative Writing 2002

University of Maryland College Park, MD

BA/Journalism 1998

University of Maryland College Park, MD

Meditation and Tai Chi Teaching Experience

Mindfulness/Insight Meditation Teacher

2015-present at The Center Yoga Studio in Harrisonburg, VA

  • taught weekly community class in mindfulness meditation

  • designed and taught 6-week themed series in basic mindfulness meditation, vipassana or insight meditation, applications of mindfulness in daily life

  • instruction given in breath awareness, body scan, walking meditation, metta or lovingkindness practice, qigong, and nondual meditation practice

  • talks given on mindfulness and the culture of business, obstacles to practice and contentment, integrating mindfulness into daily life, mindfulness and emotions, mindfulness in relationships, The Four Noble Truths, The Eightfold Path, The Three Marks of Existence, The Three Refuges, Craving and Aversion, The nature of suffering, Spiritual Materialism, Mindfulness and Technology

Koru Mindfulness Teacher

2017-present at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA

  • taught regular 4-week mindfulness courses using the evidence-based Koru mindfulness curriculum

  • completed the 2-year teacher certification process, including teaching evaluation by Holly Rogers and Libby Webb

Tai Chi Teacher

2016-2018              Harrisonburg Parks and Recreation  Harrisonburg, VA

  • taught multiple classes in the 108-posture classical yang style Tai Chi form

  • taught Taoist principles and basic qigong

  • coached six students through the entire 108-posture form

Mindfulness/Insight Meditation Teacher

2012-2013              The Nest Yoga Studio Harrisonburg, VA

  • taught weekly mindfulness meditation courses and short series

  • facilitated workshops

Meditation Teacher

2009-2017             Madison Meditates Program James Madison University   Harrisonburg, VA

  • taught weekly meditation class for students, faculty, and staff

  • taught breath meditation, body scan, walking meditation, qigong, sound meditation, choiceless awareness

  • gave talks on daily life applications, the nature of suffering, habits of mind, and enlightenment

Meditation and Tai Chi Training

Tai Chi and Qigong

1995-2000 Trained in yang style Tai Chi, circular Ba Gua, 5-element Xing-Yi, qigong, and Tui Shou with Gita Jordan

2000-2002 Trained in yang style Tai Chi, Chen Style Tai Chi, qigong, Tai Chi applications, Taoist meditation with Paul Ramos and Master Liu Xao Ling at Wu Shen Tao Martial Arts

Insight Meditation Retreats

1998 SN Goenka                              10 days Shellburne, MA

2006 Tara Brach                                    1 day Bethesda, MD

2007 Hugh Byrne/Jonathan Foust    1 day Silver Spring, MD

2007 Hugh Bryne                                2 days Beallsville, MD

2008 Jack Kornfield                                    9 days Barre, MA

2009 Larry Rosenberg                                 7 days Barre, MA

2010 Hugh Byrne                                2 days Beallsville, MD

2010 Larry Rosenberg                                 7 days Barre, MA

2011 Pat Coffey                              1 day Charlottesville, VA

2011 Hugh Byrne                                2 days Beallsville, MD

2012 Christina Feldman                             9 days Barre, MA

2013 Tara Brach                            7 days Reisterstown, MD

2013 Sky Dawson             7 days Barre, MA (Forest Refuge)

Meditation Certifications

Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program, taught by Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach. In progress.

Koru Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification. Koru Mindfulness Center. Certified Spring 2018.

Professional Development

Association for Contemplative Mind in Society: Weeklong Summer Institute on Contemplative Pedagogy. Northampton, MA. July 2012.

Mindfulness: Foundation for Teaching and Learning. Bryn Mawr, PA. March 2012.

Pedagogical Grammar. 3-credit course focused on teaching English grammar to English Language Learners. Spring 2011.

International Writing Centers Association Weeklong Summer Institute for Writing Center Directors. Lone Wolf, Oklahoma. Summer 2010.

Mid Atlantic Writing Centers Association Conference. Newark, Delaware. Spring 2010.

Mid Atlantic Writing Centers Association Conference. York, Pennsylvania. Spring 2009.

Association for Contemplative Mind in Higher Education, Member.

James Madison University Initiative for Contemplative Study and Practice, Founding Member.


2007 Stanley J. Drazek Teaching Excellence Award Program: Nominee

2006 American Society of Business Publication Editors Gold team Award for Original Research in Business to Business Print Journalism

2004 Stanley J. Drazek Teaching Excellence Award Program: Nominee

1998 Maryland-Delaware-D.C. Press Assoc. Editorial Contest: 2nd Place, Public Service Reporting