Keynote Speaker: 2018 South Central Writing Centers Association Conference at the University of Central Arkansas. Talk title: “From Rogue to RAD: The MIndfulness Journey for Writing Centers.”

Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher: Teaching mindfulness meditation at the university and in the community for nearly 10 years and maintaining a meditation practice for over 20 years. He has also taught the mind-body practices of Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong.

Digital Book Chapter Author: The Mindful Tutor is a book chapter, written with former students, detailing mindfulness interventions from 2012-2018. It appears in How We Teach Tutors: A WLN Digital Collection.


Audio production: After recording and performing music for 15 years in and around Washington, D.C., he focuses on producing soundtracks, ambient soundscapes, narration, songs, and other experiments in his project studio.

Teaching Innovation and Course Design: Creating new interdisciplinary courses and team-teaching to experiment with new pedagogies and practices.

Conference Presentations: Featherstone has presented at the International Writing Centers Association, the International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference, the Association for Contemplative Mind in Higher Education, the IWCA 4 C’s Collaborative, the Mid-Atlantic Writing Centers Association, and Contemplative Practices for Higher Education.