just the usual synesthesia

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Usually, when I write a song, I end up writing about at least two subjects, one a metaphor for the other and sometimes with an ambiguous wavering between the two. I’m not sure why I do it this way, but my current theory is that, in the play between two subjects, they illuminate each other in a way that couldn’t have happened if I had just approached them one at a time.

My new release, “Party House,” is no exception to this metaphorical pattern. There are several threads here, but the main one is the unsustainable lifestyle of five college kids, living in a creepy house, unable to see that they were the ones haunting it.


Party House

We’re all there is
of all that was.

This party house
is broken down.

Couldn’t keep that reckless pace
any longer.

This is the room
where the walls flowed down
and the light shined in.

We never thought the same again.

I heard the color of your eyes,
saw the sound leaving your lips.

This is the hall
where I walked all night
with my nerves on fire,
and you talked me down.

I heard the color of your eyes,
saw the sound leaving your lips.

No one can live here now
Foundation giving out.

We made it unlivable.
It’s now beyond repair.

And now you’re all free to go,
and now you’re on your own.


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